13.02.15 : Going to local Salsa event !

Good day dear readers.

Usually I post great pieces of Cuban music, but today it’s different – this weekend I will not be accessing the internet or any sort of communications, as I will be busy learning and dancing a variety of Afro Cuban social, popular and folkloric dances at a local salsa event.

For this 3 day \ 2 night event the organizers arranged for the arrival of

Yunaisy Farray & Danger Rodríguez

These are a couple of quite successful professional Cuban dancers \ teachers \ performers currently living in Spain; Yunaisy is from la Habana and Danger from Camaguey.
Both are hugely talented, award winning professional dancer educated in some of Cuba’s best dance schools, academies and dance troupes.

Both are, no doubt, great dancers and performers, but personally I can also say that Danger is a very good teacher; I came to one of his seminars at the 2013 “remeneate” festival in Italy, learned a lot and had a great time.

So, I hope that his blog entry will give you enough motivation not to miss any good and well organized Cuban dance events in your part of the woods, especially if there are international artists involved!

Disfruten !

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