17.01.13 : Maykel Blanco – Un Kilo

Good evening salsa & timba fans!

For this week I present you a song from the hot new Maykel Blanco y Su Salsa Mayor album, A Toda Maquina, which came out a short while ago.

For those who aren’t familiar with Maykel, he is one of the young talents of the current musical scene in Cuba, being a very able pianist, percussionist, composer, producer and band leader.

Learning to play the piano after being disappointed by arrangements he heard around him (as he describes it himself…), one can definitely hear his percussionist background in the style of keyboard playing he presents in all the songs performed by his band.

After a successful album with the band la suprema ley, Maykel decided to form his own band in 2005, la salsa mayor, which has by now released several top scoring timba albums, with A Toda Maquina being their latest.

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