19.09.14 : Grupo Chevere – 25th anniversary concert

Good day dear readers!

Today I have the pleasure of presenting an interesting band from… Japan!
Even that their singers have a French accent 🙂

This little known group was formed in 1987 in Japan, and has been making wonderful Cuban music since then, also visiting Cuban in 1991.
Over the years the band’s compositions made it into top ranking places in European salsa charts, also with the band touring many countries.

Although hard to get, there exist 6 albums of this fine band which I can definitely recommend getting your hands on (some albums and singles are available on itunes: http://www.chevere.asia/disco.html ) :
Grupo Chevere (1996), Chevere que Chevere (1998), Chevereando (2000), Cheverelax (2002), Cheverenacer (2007) and Cheverisimo (2012).
Personally, I can recommend “Cheverelax”, which is my favorite of their work.

Youtube clips of this band are hard to come by, unfortunately, both studio and live recordings alike… but I did manage to find a video of one of their concerts in a Japanese salsa club, as a part of the band’s 25 year anniversary tour, and thus this I with you share 🙂

(p.s: the song itself starts at ~01:50)

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