29.08.14 : Chan Junior – Tu Movimiento Al Caminar

Good day dear readers.
Today I wish to present you an interesting Cuban artist which currently lives in Spain.

Chan Junior, known as “el boom de la salsa Cubana”, started his musical career as a vocalist in an early age during the 1970’s.
After finishing his studies at the Ignacio Cervantes musical school, Chan sang eith various orchestras and bands in Cuba in various venues and concerts.

In 1993, in Habana, Chan formed his own orchestra “Chan Junior y su Orquesta”, which performed all over Cuba, appeared on radio and TV shows, and later that year, toured the Caribbean and Latin America, with a gran finale concert at Cancun, Mexico, together with such renowned artists as Celia Cruz, Tata Guines and Oscar De Leon.

In 1996 the band was invited to attend various events in Italy,  touring the whole country, appearing at such events as the “miss Italy 1997”, and giving concerts at the Bari stadium.
In late 1997 the band moved to Spain, and started collaborating with the “Chanson Records” recording company, with whom they still work today.

The latest album of Chan Junior y su Orquesta is “Mi Homenajo a Los Grandes”, a tribute album to the classics of Cuban (and other Latin) music, which was recorded at the USA (Sony), with many songs becoming “hits” at the states, in Puertorico and in Spain.

This song “Tu Movimiento al Caminar”, is from that same album, and currently has an official video clip, containing the song and some dancing as well!
Entonces, como siempre… disfruten!

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