08.08.14 : Dan Den – El Humo De La Vida

Good morning dear readers!

Today I present you a great song with a strong message.

During his early career, before forming his own band, the wonderful singer Paulito FG was the lead singer of the great Dan Den .

This rhythmic and interesting song is all about the dangers of smoking – the coro goes like this “no te llenes de humo, que se te va la vida”; Don’t fill yourself with smoke, because it makes life go away.

Quite true !

This song reflects a trend in Cuban healthcare which dates back to 1986, when Fidel himself publicly quit smoking and became a role model for this.
At that time Cuba launched a big anti smoking campaign, which was renewed in 1990.

So remember – smoking kills!
Quit while you can…

The only version I found of this song available online is a live version from a concert.
Like most live versions, it’s amazing and quite varied, filled with lots of improvisation, including a part where Paulito goes to the crowd, looks for smokers and tells them to leave that cigar alone!


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