07.02.14 : R.I.P Amigo Rafael !

Greetings to all of my readers.

This week I bring you a very sad piece of news; a few days ago, on February 5th 2014, after suffering for a long while from cardiovascular and respiratory problems, Rafael Labarrera Montero passed away from respiratory insuficiency at Lima’s 2 de mayo hospital, Lima, Peru.

Rafael was the son of the great conguero Manolo Labarrera (long time conguero of Los Van Van);

Sharing his father’s musical talent, Rafael decided to become a singer rather than a percussionist.

Over the years Rafael sang with Original De Manzanillo, Bamboleo, Orquesta Mayimbe and a number of other bands (such as chispa y los complices).

After the grand conflict which happened at Orquesta Mayimbe (link here) during 2012 \ 2013, Rafael was among the ones to leave the band, forming another band by the name “Rafael Labarrera y Su Mayimbe”, but was later forced to drop the name after legal action taken against him by Barbaro Fines.

The song which IMO represents Rafael best is “La Fiera”, which matches quite well his free spirited, and often outrageous, life style.

Also, it demonstrates Rafael’s vocal abilities to their fullest.

R.I.P amigo Rafael!

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