17.01.14 : Tomi y Su Timbalight – Mi Timba

Hello all!

As I stated before, nowadays Europe is the 2nd center of Cuban population after Cuba itself; Italy, Spain, France, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and also Poland, Ukraine, Russia…
Since ~2004 many Cubans have been immigrating to Europe (instead of immigrating to Miami, Florida, as was the custom before…), including musicians and dancers.

This is the 2nd Timba band coming from Belgium that I know of (the 1st one is Contrabando); and they sure are doing a good job!
The band was put together in 2010 by singer Tomas Sotolongo Fuentes, merging the Afro Cuban side of Cuban culture with a new European side.
The band mainly focused of Son based music, but also played other traditional genres (like Son Montuno, Cha Cha, Mambo) as well.

Soon, though, the band expanded its repertoire to jazz and mainly Timba, stationing itself firmly into the emerging Timba scene in Europe.

Another nice thing about the band is that most of the musicians are Cuban, thus you can often see lots of great dancing when the band performs on stage or in clubs.

From the few songs I heard from this band, “Mi Timba” is the one I liked most, so here it is…


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