29.11.13 : My Favorite Things!

Good day to all amantes de la musica Cubana !

If you’ve been following the blog, you are surely familiar with many of my favorite songs and artists; I never cover or post music which I do not enjoy listening to myself (doing so would be dishonest…) .

So, after some pondering, I decided making a youtube playlist of many of my favorite Son, Songo and Timba compositions, for everybody to enjoy.

There are about 140 of them at the moment, but the list keeps expanding over time.

So, if you like to get acquainted with some good Cuban music, are a DJ looking for nice stuff to play, or are just doing something and wish to have some nice music in the background, check out my favorites playlist at youtube.com …

My playlist on YouTube


2 thoughts on “29.11.13 : My Favorite Things!

    1. Michael Che Morozov Post author

      I didn’t quite catch that vibe; if 140 too much or not enough?
      I haven’t seen many playlists that large on youtube at all…

      Considering the fact that this is the Cuban Music blog, I suppose you call it “twitter-cuba”, sort of 🙂


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