09.08.13 : Suave Tumbao – Dejala Que Llegue Arriba

Good day all!

Today I present you a very talented group of Timba musicians from Bayame, Cuba.

Suave Tumbao was formed at April of 2009, by the talented young pianist, composer and arranger, Gorge Luis Gomez Navas, who was the co-founder and instrumentalist of Candido Fabre’s band 12 years prior…
Nicknamed “el Suave”, hence giving the name to the band.

The band was formed after more than 2 years of intense musical research, yielding a unique and very interesting sound, which is a sort of fusion between the styles of Los Van Van, Pupy y LQSS and Orquesta Reve.

Their warm and friendly sounding music, which incorporates much from Son and Cahngui, is very popular among many dancers, skyrocketing their album “La Canonera” to the top of major music charts in Cuba and worldwide.

The song presented here today is one of my favorites…

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