04.01.19: From Budapest with love and good music! Mixael Cabrera y su TimBarcelona – Tu Sonrisa

Good day dear blog followers, readers, listeners ¡y todos los amantes de la musica Cubana!

I’m back from the wonderful Arrebatate 2 Cuban dance festival in Budapest, and have some nice experiences and high quality music to share with you today…

The city of Budapest, the capital of Hungary, is a wonderful location to visit!
Beautiful place spread on both banks of the Danube river, with lots to see and do – so I can highly recommend it just as a travel destination, although rumor has it that the local Cuban dance scene holds it ground very well on its own…

The festival was very nice.
The hall where the parties took place is quite pleasing aesthetically, and is quite pleasant (not too hot…) for the amount of people that came to the festival to dance at.
The DJs played a lot of great music, the atmosphere was quite friendly, the people very keen on socializing & having a good time, and the average level of the participants was satisfactory.

Among the songs one could hear at every party (and when more than one DJ was playing – even twice per night 😉 ) were Abreu’s wonderful and elegant Venenosa, the relatively newly released 3 Dias, and Sauve Tumbao‘s Pa’ Que Todo Salga.

But the song for today is a marvelous, classic Son Montuno from Mixael Cabrera‘s latest CD “Origen”;
It was played only at the Saturday party and in one of the classes, but it was enough for it to enter my heart for good!

So, here is the composition we shall be enjoying today.
And remember… ¡sigue disfrutando la musica Cubana!

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