09.11.18 : Oderquis Reve – Mira Como Suena

Good day dear blog readers, followers, listeners ¡y todos los amantes de la musica Cubana!

Today we shall get to know a little about legendary Elio Reve’s brother, Oderquis, and also enjoy one of his new songs from the 2018 promo mini album released not long ago!

Younger brother of Elio Reve, Oderquis was born in Guantanamo on July 14th 1949, and as a member of that family, grew up in surrounded by Cuban music.
Thus, it is not surprising that Oderquis picked up Congas and other percussive instruments during his childhood and teen years, playing the congas and bongos in the band Nicolas Angarica when only 17.
In 1969 Oderquis received the title of “omo alañá” in a religious ceremony, granting him the right to play the Bata drums, sacred for followers of the Santeria religion.
In 1973 he graduated from the Ignacio Cervantes school of music in 1973, and in 1979 joined his brother’s band, Orquesta Reve, as a percussionist.

In 1997, after the tragic death of Elio, Oderquis decided to leave the Orquesta, forming a group of his own – Oderquis Reve y Su Changui, focusing on bringing more of the Changui genre he loves so much into contemporary Cuban music.
With his band Oderquis recorded 4 full and 2 mini albums (the latest of which came out this year, 2018), adding to the 7 he appears on as a part of Orquesta Reve (1980-1997).
Since the beginning of the current millennium, Oderquis Reve has been performing in dozens of countries around the globe, and continues bringing the of of modern Changui to the masses today.
Do your best and attend his concerts when you get the chance!

Anyways, for today’s song, we have a wonderful composition called “Mira como Suena” from the 2018 promo album.


And here is a gem for the dancing folks among us – some social dancing to this fine song by two talented Cubans at the Red Square!

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