17.05.13 : Soneros All Stars – Besos De Miel

Good evening folks!
Today I present you a band which is more of a project than really a band…
Soneros Allstars is all about bringing together great Cuban musician, playing a wide spectrum of Cuban rhythms.

The record company was established in Sweden, in 2001, by Swedish musician Jan Miklas, who will later be known as “Yanesito”, that name being referred to in some of the songs recorded by the company.

Jan, a jazz musician by education, mastered Cuban and Brazilian percussion in the early 90’s, falling in love with Cuban music in the process.
In 1996 Jan traveled to Cuba for the 1st time, wanting to further his knowledge of percussion, but instead fell in love with the Tres guitar, which he studied with members of Orquesta Reve.
In 1998 Yanesito went on to join the band named “Swedish Soneros”, which played mainly traditional Cuban music, but had a few salsa numbers as well, thus becoming very popular among the salsa going people in Sweden.
A few years later the band split up, with various members getting busy with individual projects; this was Yanesito’s perfect chance to realize his dream of starting a label which will be all about Cuban music.

The 1st project that Yanesito Curetted yielded the 1st album of the Soneros Allstars, “Mariano”, which featured the talented Maria Cristina Azcuy, and musicians Yanesito was familiar with from his jam sessions in Havana bars, clubs, and other hangouts.
The album mainly included traditional Cuban standards of Son, Danzon and Bolero, but gave Yanesito the taste of recording in Havana.
The 2nd album, “Dime Nague”, is considered by many to be the truly 2st album of the band \ project, as it was the 2st one to include musicians from the primera linea bands, this time mainly from Orquesta Reve, giving the album an overall feeling of Changui, in memory of Elio Reve sr. ; there’s even a track on the album dedicated to Elio, called “pa’ ti, papa”.
The album was released in 2004, and immediately became a best seller all over the world.

By the end of the “Dime Nague” project, Yanesito was already thinking of the next one; this time around, he would get no other but Cesar “pupy” Pedroso, one of the best pianists in the world, and a lifelong musical innovator, to record with him.

The CD was called “La Timba Soy Yo”, featured Pupy and many of his band members, and as the name states, was heavily in the realm of hard hitting, contemporary Timba.
The song I present you here today is a part of the “La Timba Soy Yo” album, and is called “Besos De Miel”; it is a mix of traditional Son and contemporary Timba, and despite it being fairly short at 03:46, it’s definitely a hit.

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